#63 Brent Peters

Nissan Skyline, R32 Sedan, 2500 Turbo

R32 Nissan Skyline Sedan - been drifting it at local and interstate rounds for the last 2 .5 years as well as a few hill climbs and sprints.

Engines a Healthy RB25 with all the normal fruit,


 Plazmaman manifolds,

custom Murch Motorsport Holset Turbo etc etc

all controlled by a Andy Special Adaptronic Modular ecu.

 Drive trains the tried and true tremec t56 6 speed and nismo GT lsd 


Really keen to get out there and see how we improve this coming season

Really lucky to have Penrite Oil and LUXE Performance as sponsors as well as the ongoing support of Hyperdrive Motorsport, Team Cusco Racing and DC Autos.