#47 Drew Watkins

1994 Nissan S13 180sx


Engine: SR22 VET


Turbo: GT35 (baby version)

Output: 410rwhp @ 17psi (truth)


Gearbox: 6 Speed Samsonas

Clutch: pfft, who needs a clutch. Its some worn out piece of shit


Brakes: Willwood


ECU: Haltech 

Dash: Microtech

Wheel alignment by Kosteras

Driver: Pretty useless

PitCrew: Only the Best, Mark Alford

Rum Circle: My racecar family

Minister for War and Finance: Chortip Jitsawang (Shorny). Bless her soul.



Tuned by Andrew Stevens

OK, over 2 years (March 2019)  my SR20 ate a throttle body screw at a Tuning session, it went through 3 cylinders performing an elegant dance of destruction.

Only now I am so so close to coming back.

What started out as a dummy spit by me and a decision to take 12 months off to save coin and build a solid power plant has ended in a total makeover. 

COVID hit.... No racing so Andy and I thought, lets do the rear end (subframe, diff everything else) , lets stroke this bitch (sleeves, billet everything), lets get a sequential, lets do a full rewire with new ECU and dash, lets get rid of the brake booster, lets...   anyway, you get the picture. Its pretty much a completely differnt car, looks the same on the outside but under her short skirt throbs a massive co.....    collection of shiny bits..

As of 18th August 2021 I have not driven her in anger. That will be in 2 weeks. If you want someone to reel off a shopping list as high speed, come say hello at our September 2021 meet. Lets get fuking loose. BTW Kelly has big cans.