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#74 Drew Watkins
1994 Nissan S13 180sx




Turbo: GTX 35 Gen2

Output: tba


Gearbox: 6 Speed Samsonas

Clutch: Direct


Brakes: Alcon TA6 Front TA4 Rear


ECU: Haltech 

Dash: Microtech

Wheel alignment by Kosteras

Driver: Pretty useless

PitCrew: Only the Best, Mark Alford

Rum Circle: My racecar family

Minister for War and Finance: Chortip Jitsawang (Shorny). Bless her soul.




****Threw a rod towards the end of the 2022 season, billet block and a Nitto stroker kit will be bolted in.

The "Sharknado Beautification project" is under way with an Origin Labo body kit, Topstage wang and some 18s to finish off the look.

New power plant will be tuned by Andrew Stevens****

OK, over 2 years (March 2019)  my SR20 ate a throttle body screw at a Tuning session, it went through 3 cylinders performing an elegant dance of destruction.

Only now I am so so close to coming back.

What started out as a dummy spit by me and a decision to take 12 months off to save coin and build a solid power plant has ended in a total makeover. 

COVID hit.... No racing so Andy and I thought, lets do the rear end (subframe, diff everything else) , lets stroke this bitch (sleeves, billet everything), lets get a sequential, lets do a full rewire with new ECU and dash, lets get rid of the brake booster, lets...   anyway, you get the picture. Its pretty much a completely differnt car, looks the same on the outside but under her short skirt throbs a massive co.....    collection of shiny bits..

As of 18th August 2021 I have not driven her in anger. That will be in 2 weeks. If you want someone to reel off a shopping list as high speed, come say hello at our September 2021 meet. Lets get fuking loose. BTW Kelly has big cans.


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