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Regulations and Information

SCRAWA Inc. Rules

Click on link below for 2022 Street Car Rules. The rules should be read in conjunction with the CAMS 3D rules as where anything is not specified in the Street Car rules, the 3D rules will apply (and in other than 3D cars, those log book ​rules). 

Race Meeting Standard Regulations

2023 Motorsport Australia Race Regualtions

SCRAWA Inc. Rules of Association

Our association incorporated in 2014 and were updated in 2015. Click on link below for the Street Car Racing ​Association of Western Australia Inc. constitution:

Driving Standard Guide

This is a guide for drivers to use in conjunction with the rules in the CAMS manual. The idea is to keep safe for both you and your fellow competitors so we can all enjoy our racing.We all operate within limited budgets so damage to cars often results in a competitor being off the track for a substantial time, not to mention the physical risks involved to ​competitors. So please race with a view to keeping it safe.

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