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#515 Brad Cuss

Nissan S15

Nic name  "Cusco" 

OcupationEngineering Manager  

Racing since   Started in Karts 1989, Cars - From 2010 in WA              

Racing Highlights   Development of the new Chassis in 2016-2017

 Completing a PB 61 sec lap in the new car    

1st Torque Trophy 2017     

  Racing with good friends all year!!

Vehicle Details

Build spec's   Nissan SR-VE 2.2L, Dry Sump,Custom Billet Crank & Rods

   Hypertune Inlet, Exhaust and Intercooler, Garrett GT35X Turbo   

Haltec ECU, Tial Wastegate, ACT Ceramic Twin plate clutch 

Tractive RD906 Sequential Gearbox, Nismo Diff, Alcon Brakes Carbon Fiber Body and Wing

Rays Engineering Light Weight Wheels



Hyperdrive Motorsport

Luxe Performance 

ACM Electrical 

RWHP    550 

Weight (KG)  1250

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