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What is a Street Car?

The Street Car Racing Association of WA is dedicated to the pursuit of motorsport in a uniquely West Australian category of circuit racing called "Street Cars".


While all based on road going cars, these are far from your average road car in terms of performance and handling, being amoungst the fastest tin-tops racing in Western Australia.


The class dates back 40 years so is one of the oldest associations in circuit racing in WA, with the prestigious annual Torque Trophy event having some well known names as winners including Ian Diffen.


The class is divided into under 2060cc and open cars and grids are always very diverse with a mixture of turbo and NA cars and Japanese, European and local makes creating spectacular racing for both drivers and spectators.


Our class is unique in W.A. in that it is open to a wide range of cars with the following log books:

  • 3D (Sports Sedan)

  • Rally Group 3 (Club Rally and Showroom Rally Cars)

  • Rally Group 3C (Production Rally Cars)

  • Group 6 Rally (Modern Tarmac Rally Cars)

  • Group 2A, 2B, 2F (Floorpan production Sports Cars)

  • In addition any log booked car may run with us providing they meet Steet Car Rules.


The above class cars just need to comply with their own log book rules and meet the Street Car rules. Please contact us if you have eligibility queries or need assistance.

About Us


Watch below to see a glimpse of a race day and our annual Torque Trophy meet

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